How to Cancel Your Boat or Vehicle Registration

How to Cancel Your Boat or Vehicle Registration

If you are planning to get your boat or vehicle registration canceled, then the first thing which you need to do is fill out the cancellation of the registration application form, which is F1517. As soon as you have completed filling the form mentioned above, then the next thing which you need to do is take the form and number plate of the vehicle to the transport and monitoring customer service center. Moreover, if you find that you are residing in a rural area, then you need to either look for the QGAP office or the Magistrates court. Apart from all this, you will be amazed to know that the local police station also provides you with the services of the vehicle registration.

If you are not able to perform any of the steps mentioned above, then the only thing which you can do from the comfort of your home is, take the receipt of the cancellation of the registration form and along with the number plate number you need to send mail to the address which is mentioned below.

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Vehicle Cancellations
PO Box 372

Number plates

You might not be aware of the fact that at the time when you are about to submit your cancellation form then at the same moment you also need to hand your number plates to them. In addition, if you are residing in Queensland and you have customized your number plate than you do not need to submit them along with the form. But before that one thing that you must keep in your mind that you must make sure that the respective authority verifies your customized number plate.

Deceased registered operator

If you are planning to cancel the vehicle registration of the deceased registered operator, then the administrator or you can say the executor or even the one next to kin must make sure that it is first transferred either to the estate of the deceased or some other person. This will help in getting the refunded amount of the actual person.

Registration sticker

Moreover, if you have the registration sticker on your vehicle at the time of canceling the registration, then you need to destroy the same and then mention in your application form that the registration sticker has been destroyed.

Refund which you are supposed to get on your current registration

If you are about to cancel a current registration which is from the Queensland, then you might not be knowing that you will get a refund for the portion which you have not yet used or the one which is still unused. In other words, it can be said that you will get a full refund of the portion which you have not yet used and also a compulsory third party levies. Apart from this, you must also keep notice of some crucial points. Like, you are not going to get the refund for the traffic improvement fee and other related fees as well as surcharges. These are the compulsory third party levies and also the registration renewal reinstatement fee.

In addition, what they do is they charge a small amount in terms of the cancellation fee. This is done so that they can cover the cost which they would have invested in processing and refunding the registration. Moreover, one point which you cannot afford to forget is that if your Queensland registered vehicle is not at all registered in Queensland, then you are not going to get a single penny of your refund amount.

Written off vehicles

Apart from the points already mentioned above, there are some other things too, which needs to be taken care of. Like before you go and get your vehicle registration canceled the thing which you need to do is update the written off vehicle register. And the reason behind it is that the vehicle has been wrecked. Usually, it has been noticed that it is done either by the auto wreckers or by the insurance company. In addition, if you want to update by own, then all that you need to do is complete the cancellation of the registration form which is F3517.

Moreover, if you know that your vehicle is not at all assessed by any of the insurers than the next thing which you need to do is that instead of filling the cancellation registration form mentioned above that is F3517 you need to complete or better to say fill-up the written off vehicle notification form number F4069.Apart from all this, if you figure out that the vehicle which you were using has been written off and then you need to opt for refund backdated to the day then you need to be very cautious and make sure that you are clearing affirming on the cancellation of the registration form that the vehicle which was involved in the accident was not at all used after the date when it met with the accident.

In some scenarios, it has been noticed that the authority also looks for the document in which the date is an accident is clearly written. For this, you can also provide the report which is given by the police authority or the one which the owner of the vehicle usually receives by the insurer.

What about the impounded vehicle and the confiscated number plates

You will be shocked to know that there are different rules which may be applicable if it is encountered that your vehicle has been impounded or it is found that your number plate has been confiscated by the police service of Queensland. If you want some more information related to the cancellation of your vehicle registration, then all that you need to do is contact the Queensland police service.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance

Compulsory Third party Insurance is basically a compensation amount provided to the person who gets injured or killed when an accident occurs from your vehicle.  Though in some places it is optional, it is mandatory for the Australia citizens.

However, even irrespective of the state, the CTP insurance does not cover all the damages to the vehicles. Therefore, one needs to ensure all the losses separately.  Even when it comes to the premium amount, first of all, a ceiling floor price is fixed for every quarter. Eventually, after that, the insurers adjust with their premiums as per the requirement. The vehicles are placed in different categories as per eh type. Thereafter, the vehicles are charged as per the category across the entire state.

However, there are some of the prominent questions which pop in every mind. This includes –

What does compulsory 3rd party cover? 

It provides compensation to the third party who gets injured or even killed by your vehicle due to accidents. Therefore, it is beneficial for the drivers as he is identified against all the claims which might arise due to damage and losses from the accidents.

 Is third party property insurance compulsory?

Yes, it has been made compulsory to have these third party property insurance. This rather removes the liability from the person causing damage for the loss caused.  Any ignorance for the CTP insurance will deprive the third person to get the compensation.

 Do you need CTP if you have a third party?

CTP insurance is an abbreviation of the compulsory third party insurance. It eventually provides compensation amount to the people who get injured or even killed in an accident by your vehicle itself. CTP insurance has been made compulsory in the entire state of Australia. Rather, you cannot get your vehicle registered without getting a policy done.

Why is third party insurance compulsory?

The third party insurance has been made compulsory. As per the law, it is stated that every driver must bear a minimum amount of liability for the bodily injury along with the property damage loss. Though, there are still few a few states which do not require both the insurance to be done and have limitations. Still, many states have already got their own minimum requirement set for the coverage.

 What is 3rd party property damage?

The third party insurance is basically done by the first party from any insurer in order to protect the claim arising from the third parties. The property damage liabilities include the entire cost of loss of the property. So, you can rather conclude that the protection is provided to the property.

Even the third party fire and theft car insurance is done. This covers the entire damage to the individual and the property. Even when the vehicle is stolen, or it gets badly affected due to fire, complete coverage is provided.

One can even make use of the CTP calculators available on the website to order to calculate and know about the premium price. One can easily compare among the various companies offering the same insurance service to fetch the more efficient one. Avail the quotes and deal with the best company. Make sure not to compromise the quality with the price.

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