Environment friendly

Environment Friendly


Qld Cash for Cars – Your destination for environment-friendly disposal

A fully functional car has a great significance in the eyes of its owner. But, the value decreases with the condition of the car getting worsened. As it becomes old and damaged, your search begins to look out for measures for dumping it out. The basic idea would be to follow the traditional method of the landfill facility. But, it’s not secure for the environment. What about ditching the process for an environment-friendly method along with earning cash? Relax, we are not joking and do not get surprised! There is a very simple and fast process to follow.

Sell your old and unwanted car to ‘Qld Cash for Cars’ instantly. We provide the service all over the area of Queensland including areas such as Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, etc.

Access instant cash along with safe disposal of unwanted car

You may have a fixed budget for car repair or maintenance work. But, the matter gets worse when the expenses start crossing the barriers of the budget. Even after continuous repair work if it fails to offer a good service you may face issues while selling it. The remaining option is to dump it into the soil without even earning a penny. Can you ever imagine a better way of disposing of the car while earning the highest cash? This is possible with our team of excellent professionals. They will pay you instant cash for getting the unwanted car removed from the property. We also assure of disposing of the vehicle in a safe and environment-friendly manner.

Why dispose of in an environment-friendly manner?

We are all well-aware of the increase in the level of environmental pollution. Ending up the car in a landfill indicates making a contribution in the level of pollution. We follow a modern and environment-friendly measure for protecting the environment. The usable parts of the car are sold as second-hand elements and the junk is crushed beyond repair. The junk is later on sold to a recycling company for the manufacturing of new parts or appliances. Even the residual fluid is safely disposed of for securing the environment.

What makes us different from other service providers?

The services of Qld Cash for Cars are not like other service providers. We are unique as we are capable of providing the following services:

  • Our team of professionals is always ready to offer quick and simple service
  • Our services are offered throughout Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast
  • We have a strong network of professionals to reach the destination on time
  • The towing service is generally free except in case of special conditions
  • Our company is open for accepting cars of all models and makes
  • Payment made on the spot with the consent of the car owner

Contact us soon for having a relaxing service

You can get in touch with our team of professionals by ringing us on 07 3082 6497. Get rid of your unwanted vehicle by earning the highest rate of cash.