Sell Your Engine Problem Car for Cash

car for cash with engine problem

A car is a valuable asset for an individual as it makes their journey comfortable and easier. The comforting ride in the private car can come to a halt when the engine gives up its performance. Can you ever imagine a situation when the car engine gets busted in the middle of the road? It takes a hell out of the individual as they have to spend a whole sum of money on it. For getting it back on the road is not an easy task and the owner may end up increasing its expenses. Hence, it’s best to sell your engine problem car for cash. It might not seem to be a perfect idea for an owner having a fondness for the car. But, let us help you in realizing the necessity of the service in the following pages.

The importance of getting rid of the engine problem car

An individual gets a sort of attachment by driving a car for over a long period of time. Hence, even if it creates a problem by malfunctioning some car owners feel it hard to sell it. However, when the expenses of repairing began exceeding the actual value of the car it turns into a liability. It is advisable for getting rid of the burden by turning the liability into an asset. Searching for a reliable car dealer is a daunting task as they may dupe in terms of offering the rate. Let’s have a look at the best place for selling the unwanted car in the pages below.

Sell the unwanted car to the reliable car wreckers

In the current time period, several individuals are facing the common problem of selling their unwanted car. However, the solution can be found in the form of the car wrecking companies. These companies accept car in any condition, makes, and models. Individuals can get in touch with them to sell your engine problem car for cash. Though there are many in the market, however, the service of a reliable service provider must be approached. They have great value for their clients and offer the highest rate to be found in the market. Wondering how do they manage to pay the highest rate? Read the following pages. We help for all wrecking solution at Qldcarwreckers

Earn the highest bid in the market

The car wrecking companies are not much concerned about a specific part of a vehicle. They are interested in gaining the vehicle as a whole with its functional and non-functional parts. They would get rid of the car from the property of the client after analyzing the current condition. The professionals hold years of experience in the field and would be offering the best rate for the current condition.

The vehicle is towed and transported to the company’s working place. There the functional and non-functional parts are separated including the problematic engine. The usable parts are sold for second-hand goods and the remaining elements are crushed in the wrecking yard. Hence, it becomes easier for them to utilize each and every part of the vehicle.

Therefore, it is suggested to sell your engine problem car for cash to the service providers. Get in touch with a leading and renowned service provider in the region.

Type of Engine issues in a car-

Common reasons an engine won’t start:
  • Low or discharged battery corroded or loose battery cables
  • Car batteryStarter motor relay failure
  • Ignition switch failure
  • Defective fuel pump clogged the fuel filter
  • Clogged fuel filter

Service Engine Soon Light

Frequent service engine soon light causes:
  • Loose or missing gas cap
  • Spark plugs or wires that are worn out or damaged
  • Electronic control module failure
  • Defective distributor or coil packs
  • Emissions control fault such as the oxygen sensor
  • Fuel quality issue


Common reasons for overheating:
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Dirty or low coolant level
  • Non-functioning cooling fan
  • Kinked or broken radiator hose
  • Internal or external coolant leak
  • Defective radiator cap
  • Dirty air filter

Call For Any Makes and Models-

What Models We Buy & Remove

Our company is not limited to certain models. In fact, we accept a wide range of vehicles from all newer and old makes, therefore, we happily quote prices for any vehicle in any condition and as a result, we book them for removal on the same day. Just quickly have a look at rather famous and common models that we usually purchase every day.

  • Toyota – Camry, Corona, Corolla, Hilux, Litace, Hiace, 4Runner, Echo, Tarago, Estima, Landcruiser, Silica, Starlet
  • Nissan – Pulsar, Altima, Navara, Maxima, Micra, Skyline, Urvan, Elgrand, Pintara, X-trail, Murrano
  • Mitsubishi – Magna, Colt, Lancer, Mirage, Verada, Express, Delica, Outlander, Pajero
  • Mazda – Astina, Bravo, Protégé, 626, E2000, Bt-50, Tribute
  • Subaru – Impreza, Liberty, Forester, Legacy, WRX, L-series
  • Suzuki – Swift, Alto, Carry, Ignis, Liana, APV, Vitara
  • Ford – Laser, Fiest, Falcon, Fairmont, Mondeo, Territory, Ranger, Escape, Courier, Trader
  • Honda – Civic, Jazz, Accord, CRV, HRV, Legend, Prelude, Odyssey
  • BMW – Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Audi – A series, R series, S series, Q series
  • Jeep, Mercedes – All models
  • Peugeot, Citroen – All models
  • Daewoo, Daihatsu – All models
  • Saab, Renault – All models

We at Brisbane south and north deals car with any kind of engine issue to fully dismantling as well a good amount of money earned to deal with car wreckers .