A Used Car Buying Guide: Honda Accord

Five Important Points For Used Honda Accord Car Buyers

Accord is undoubtedly one of Honda’s premium and old cars. Honda Accord is a great seller all over the world. It is one of the finest inventions of Honda. However, there are fewer options for you if you want a diesel car; this vehicle continues to be the most in-demand Honda of all times. A used Honda is usually available at very affordable prices. If you are planning to buy a Honda car, we will list a few things below that one must keep in mind before buying a used car:

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Check Car Door

Make sure that that door lock actuator of your vehicle is in excellent condition. These actuators are impossible to repair, and you can only replace them. A little fault in these actuators might even cause trouble. Whether your car is parked or moving, these actuators might act up without any reason.

Moreover, your car doors might lock or unlock randomly while you are driving it on the road. If you intentionally try to fasten or open your door, the actuators might not respond to this action. Detecting this particular defect is tough. If you happen to notice any such fault in a Honda Accord, make sure you skip the plan of buying it.


check breaks

Taking a test drive of a car is very necessary before you buy it. Honda Accord all over the world usually faces one issue with its brakes. This default is called brake warping. Brake warping occurs when the brake rotor surface is uneven instead of being even or flat. The main reason for an uneven brake rotor is the accumulation of deposit of some material from the brake pads. Brake warping causes the brakes to shudder if some effort is applied on the brake. This shudder is prominent and is easy to detect while you are driving the car. You must not buy a car if you discover this defect in the vehicle.


hot air from AC

Honda Accord has a well-functioning and efficient AC system even though some of its components can create a minor issue in a few models. The AC might tend to be less effective or also throw out hot or warm air. The primary reason for this issue is the Air-con system of the AC. The condenser unit of the AC has no protection over it. This may result in dust or other harmful components from the outside to directly hit the system. The absence of a protective grille causes significant damage to the Air-con system of the AC. Before you buy a used Honda Accord, make sure you have checked the AC and all its components.



gear box

This issue usually occurs in the Automatic model of Honda Accord. The automatic functioning is done by a torque converter that manages the shifting of gears. If the “D” light continually blinks and fluctuates on the dashboard, it indicates that there is some default in the gearbox. This problem is mainly caused due to internal damage. This issue might even lead to some jerks while you drive to put the gear on the drive mode. It might also get uneasy for you to shift the gears. In fact, on the 4th Gear, the accelerator seems to be non-functional. Before you buy a car, make sure you have gone for an extended test drive. Therefore you must check whether the gears are functioning at their best or not.


engine check

Honda Accord is definitely one of the most premium and smooth functioning Honda cars. The only issue that you might face from this car is some unexpected vibrations coming out of steering area or from the dashboard. If you are investing in a car like Honda Accord, make sure you have checked every aspect of it. These vibrations can increase by passing days and can cause significant difficulty while driving. This problem usually occurs because of a defect in engine mounts. This problem arises with age or in case your car has had too many encounters with potholes or rash roads.

If you happen to notice any such defect in the car, do not buy it any cost.

Besides the list of defaults mentioned above, there are various things you must keep in mind while buying a used car. Make sure you have all the information about the title and other legal documents of the car. To get a higher price, some buyers might hide some details from you. You must ensure that you have all the legal documents related to the car. From service history to repairs history, you must have all the information about a vehicle. If you are planning to buy a Honda Accord any time soon, make sure you have noted down all these points.

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