When should I tow my car instead of driving it?

Time to tow your car

When should I tow my car instead of driving it?

Even if one can take a car on roads, it is important to realize when it must be towed. People tend to avoid the cost of pulling cars. They find repairs a more comfortable option. However, frequent maintenance can cost much more than the actual towing value. Since one must look after their safety, make sure that you are checking the condition of the car regularly. A particular smell, great smokes or leakages and the performance of a vehicle may warn that it needs towing. Ensure that you check for all these warning signals. Moreover, keeping a check on the condition of the car is necessary for a safe drive.

Mentioned below are specific warning signals one must look out for to know if the car needs towing.

  • If the vehicle is overheating more often, it is time to get rid of it. Overheating of vehicle signifies that it needs to bid a goodbye!
  • On seeing the engine light flashing frequently, one must know that the car needs towing.
  • Illumination of oil pressure or oil level light can be a warning signal.
  • If you ever happen to witness any smoke from under the hood of a vehicle, get rid of it immediately.
  • When the vehicle has a burning smell, there is something wrong.
  • You must also check if you can smell the fuel even when the vehicle is not running.
  • If brakes are making loud noises on the application or while driving the car, it is a warning signal.
  • When the vehicle is not running in an excellent manner and tends to make loud and weird noises, it is time to get rid of it.
  • If you happen to see leakage of fluids like brake fluid, oil or coolant, the car needs towing.

These are some warning signals you must look for. Therefore if your car experiences any such happening, make sure to shell out some money on towing. It is better to get rid of an unfit car than to spend on its repair. Hence make sure to keep a regular check on your vehicle.

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