Junk Signs to Know in Brisbane as A Car Owner

Junk Signs to Know in Brisbane as A Car Owner

Buying a car comes with lots of excitement and becomes an addition to your luxuries. But selling them back also has to take place at the right time. Cars also have a life, and they can turn out into junk after being used for years. Thus, you need to have an eagle eye to keep a check on the signs that indicate that your cars are no more worth keeping and the right time to sell them to get cash in return. But how do you know that it is the right time to sell your cars? What are the traits that help you decide to chuck your old cars and get a new one?

Here are a few junk signs that you should know as a car owner in Brisbane:

  • Misalignment of wheels

    Wheels have a specific alignment and should remain in the same condition to keep your cars working in a proper condition. But when misalignment of wheels happens, the tires tend to wear out. In such a case, you might need to seek the services of a mechanic to get the wheels aligned. On the contrary, if you have to continuously steer the wheel even while you are on a straight road, it is one of the junk signs that signal you to get over your old cars.

  • Growing family

    Though this factor may not seem to be directly related to the functionality of a car, it is undoubtedly a junk sign indicator. Even if you are maintaining your car in good condition, if you have more family members than the actual number of members that you can transport, your cars are prone to transform into junk sooner or later.

  • Traces of duct tapes here and there

    The most convenient and cheapest way to hide scratches is by using duct tape. Also, you can easily find car owners who conveniently use duct tapes to put hanging parts in place. As a simple rule, the more traces of duct tape on your cars, the more likely your cars will transform into junk. So if you have duct tapes all over your over, it’s a clear indicator that you haven’t given enough time to the maintenance, and some you may have to replace or sell such cars.

  • Nearing 1000000 miles

    Mileage is another crucial factor that indicates that your cars are turning into junk. There is no limit to the mileage count given in cars, but it doesn’t imply that you can drive your cars to eternity. The assembled mileage of almost all cars is 1000000 miles which assures safety and other benefits while using a car. But, again, it doesn’t mean that you have to cross the 1000000 mark. So, if you are somewhere nearing the assembled mileage count, there are chances that you may have to get the various parts replaced and initiate some major repairs. This number is a vital criterion to remember as a junk sign as your cars may need a replacement as soon as the mileage count of your car nears 1000000 miles.

  • Noises and peculiar vibrations

    Cars are not supposed to make that irritating rattling sound while driving; they are supposed to be slow and sound. A little bit of noise that you get to hear from your cars is normal, but anything beyond a normal range is a matter of concern. The same is the case when you happen to find the noise in your cars worsening. A damaged engine, malfunctioning AC compressor, misaligned pulleys, faulty ignition coils, and alternator, there are many things that contribute to the peculiar noise that you get to hear in your old cars. If you get to hear such sounds, make sure that you consider them junk signs

  • New models creeping up in the market

    If there are too many new models being introduced in the market, it doesn’t directly means that your car has turned into junk, but it will one day. It is because when you find newer Variants of the same model of your car coming on the market, there are chances that the car company is introducing newer models by fixing different setbacks and errors spotted in the previous models. Ranging from small issues such as door handles to issues in the engine, there might be many setbacks that may be corrected and introduced by the company by releasing updated versions of your car model. Hence, it may signal to your mind that your car may turn out to be junk in the near future.


These were a few signs indicating that your cars are probably entering the junk world sometime soon. So, if you happen to discover such traits and symptoms showing up in your car, do not wait for long to sell your car. Instead, consider selling your cars at the right time before it’s too late so that you can search for a good value for your car. Consider selling such cars Car Wreckers in Brisbane because they can get you instant solutions and instant money for your junk cars.