Car Wrecking Signs to Identify Before Buying a Second-hand Car

Car Wrecking Signs

Many people consider buying second-hand cars when their budget does not permit them to buy a new one. Besides budget parameters, there are various other reasons as well that make a customer opt for used cars, such as using the vehicle for training purposes or for getting it attached for taxi purposes, etc. Whatever the reason, there are many who come forward to buy second-hand cars.

But what should you consider while buying second hand cars? How do you come to know that the car you are buying is in good condition and hasn’t encountered any accident in the past? As a potential second-hand car buyer looking for riding choices at affordable prices, here are a few things that you should pay attention to make sure that you are not buying an accidental car:

Paint issues

People treat paint issues to be minor ones, but it is a vital thing that you should pay attention to. Accidental cars are often concealed with paints. Thus, it is mandatory to closely monitor any sort of unevenness in the car’s color. Remodeling an accidental car by painting it well is a cheap process compared to replacing the damaged parts and repairing the car. Thus, you would find most accidental car owners practicing the same to get rid of their damaged cars.

So, if you do not want to end up buying an accidental car, make sure that you inspect the car at a place that has proper sunlight. Also, check for any patches, variations, unevenness, color lining and scratches on the car because the original paint is consistent throughout the entire body of the car. But, if you notice any such variations, there are high chances that the second-hand car has some accidental history.

Excessive rusting

Most cars today are available with an anti-rusting body that acts as a shield and prevents the car from rusting. But in case of an accident, the anti-rust coating on the car’s metal body gets damaged. This further causes the metal body to be exposed to the environment causing it to rust. Also, when a car has accrued severe damages in an accident, car owners may tend to replace and repair the body, but despite taking a car to one of the finest painters, there are high chances that the repairing agent or the painter cannot get the car back to original state and leave traces that can help in identifying an accidental car.

Any such accident and repairs done on the metal body can cause rusting of cars. So, if you happen to come across a second-hand car deal that is rusting excessively, probably the car has encountered a serious accident before.

Missing screws

Missing screws, fasteners, etc., are also a sign that the car might have witnessed an accident in the past. Some screws are made uniquely for particular cars; thus, finding the same screws and nut bolts to fix the issues can be an arduous task. Importing the same can also be challenging. Therefore, the owner tends to use the car as it is without getting them replaced. Make sure to observe the car closely for any such missing screws and misaligned layers to find out if it is an accidental car.

Panel gaps

  • Panel gaps are another sign that may indicate an accidental car. Even if the paint of the car is levelled, panels tend to be an indicator of the seriousness of an accident a car has encountered.
  • Replacing a panel after an accident can be a costly affair, almost equivalent to buying a new car. Therefore, most car owners leave it as it is without paying much attention to the panels.
  • Every car has a symmetrical structure which means it is the same on all sides. You should locate any types of gaps on either side. Even if the gap is just 1mm, there are chances that the car might have had an accident in the past. Ensure you inspect the same before bringing a second-hand car home.

The car doesn’t move in a straight direction

Before purchasing a car, everyone takes a test drive, whether it is a new one or a used car. While you drive, pay attention to the direction of the car. If the car does not follow a straight path, it is an indicator that the car has some accident history. Misalignment of wheels is a very common indication of a wrecked car that does not allow a car to move straight.

So, make sure that you enquire about any accident associated with the car and ask the owner to get it repaired so that you can stay within your budget while purchasing a used car.


These are a few signs you should be looking for while buying a second-hand car to ensure you do not end up purchasing an accidental car. Buying a second-hand car is also an investment. Thus you should do it with proper care and caution. Make sure that you check out all the parameters mentioned above so that you do not regret your car purchase at a later stage.