How to Take Care of Your Aging Car and Keep It Running?

How to Take Care of Your Aging Car and Keep It Running?

Worried about your aging car? Absolutely, you should be worried because without a vehicle it would be impossible to imagine our life. We all depend on vehicles either for a job or dropping our kids to their school and many more things. But the question is – how do you keep a vehicle running forever?

QLD Cash For Cars team provides the simple answer to this question is just drive your vehicle with extra care & in return, your car will support you with a long time without any Maintenance. In addition, there are many things to keep in mind for the good running condition of the car for a long interval such as- changing of oil & filter often, Avoid driving at high speed and don’t race your car’s engine in the first 10-15 minutes of operation.

Let’s Figure out the Maintenance to take care of Aging Car & keep it in Running-

Proper Cleaning of Car-

Proper cleaning of a vehicle is the best way to increase its resale value and make your vehicle impressive as “love at first sight”. Make sure to clean both the interior & exterior of the car. You can use polish & wax your vehicle outer to avoid rusting on its outer appearance. But you should wax or wash your car at least 4 times per year And in interior parts, you can shampoo the carpets, vacuum the whole interior etc. If you don’t have knowledge regarding waxing then go through the local car wash.

Inflate Your Tires–

Everyone knows regular maintenance is important for everything from a car to house. Right!! We must adhere to the car maintenance schedule as per our model guidelines. But checking of tire pressure & inflate them as per need is one of the most neglected cars caring task. Due to this now new cars have the tire pressure warning lights or tire pressure monitoring system. These systems will let you know when you are in a situation of over and under-inflated tires.

Why should you check the tire pressure?

  • To overcome the risk of accidents
  • Lower gas mileage
  • To make your tires long-lasting
  • Improve the handling & control
  • To reduced carbon footprints

In addition, you can easily improve gas mileage in the vehicle by 0.6% on average and up to 3% in a few cases. You know how? Just keeping your car’s tires inflated with appropriate pressure. Therefore, go and look today whether your tires are inflated or not.

Make Sure to Change your oil and oil filter on a Regular Basis-

Confused regarding the oil filter? No wonder!! Let me clear you the best time to change the oil & oil filter. As per manufacture guidance, a car owner should replace the oil filter with every oil change and which is expected to occur three months or every 3000 miles whatever comes first. Moreover, you can also go through the manual of your owner for proper oil filter maintenance. Most probably, your mechanic will attach a sticker on the car to remember the date of an oil change, still, you can note down the date & mileage after each oil change.

Replacement of Air Filters-

Like, oil filters replacement of air filters is equally important. As they are responsible for the vehicle’s engine running & breathe. While replacing your oil filter have an eye on air filter also. If there is any need to change then, always replace it to overcome the problem of breathing.

Cool the Engine–

As per expert’s guidelines, you should change the coolant after every 24000 and 30000 miles. And again check your owner’s manual for changing the coolant. Coolant starts to damage over time. And it should be tested to see whether it is still good or not. Make sure to change it on a regular basis.

Make an Appointment with Good Mechanic–

You can also go to the right mechanic. And no wonder for the few dollars because spending it on the right mechanic is worthy, although it is best for your vehicle’s long term life.