Top 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Used Cars Value

Top 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Used Cars Value

Are you thinking of getting rid of a used car? If yes!! Then, what do you think, will you get the true worth of your car? Obviously, your answer is no due to one of the bitter reality of used car – Depreciation!! Right? Depreciation is a creepy word that defines your car losing its value 30% after the first three years & 50% after three years. In simple words, the value of your car come close to wholesale price. According to car experts at Edmunds, the moment you drive the car off, a new brand car loses its value by 10%.

The most important thing to remember is that the actual value of your car totally depends upon how you take care of it. Therefore, we have come with the top easy ways to boost the value of the used car.

Let’s have a look at Top 10 Easy way to boost your used Car Value

In order to keep your car worthy, don’t miss these amazing tips. By following these tips you will get more worthy money during the selling phase of a used vehicle.

  1. Proper Car Maintenance

    When you buy new car manufacture gives your car maintenance schedule. Follow this schedule strictly from the day first in order to keep your vehicle new. Try to maintain a record of your car’s service so that you can conduct car maintenance at a regular point of time. This is one of the best & straightforward way to increase the value of a used car. People often love to pay more if they know the vehicle was in a proper maintenance schedule. Whenever you feel there are some issues in your car, immediately go-to mechanic. Don’t delay!!

  2. Mileage- Important Role in Depreciation

    How much distance has your car covered? This is the definition of Mileage. In simple words, Mileage is directly proportional to the value of the used car or depreciation. The more Mileage you cover, the faster will be the rate of depreciation. Therefore, you must take care of your mileage. For instance- If you want to go to trips such as multiple states or of long-distance then, try to go in-cab rather than in your own car.

  3. Park Your Car in Shaded Place

    Always park your car in a shaded place or in the garage to avoid sun exposures. Make sure to use a car cover. As sun exposure can lead to damage of your car exterior & it looks so dirty. Accordingly, dirty or bad exterior leads to an increase in the depreciation value.
    Point to Remember– Never Park your car under the tree as it is quite risky for uncountable reasons such as- Falling of branches, sap & bird’s dropping can damage the outer look of your car.

  4. Wash Your Car

    Washing the car properly doesn’t restrict its exterior only but also extend to the interior part. Try to use floor mats in your car as it can easily wash. Well, a good looking vehicle has more value than a poorly maintained vehicle.

  5. Always Keep a Logbook

    A logbook is a proof of your all car maintenance of repair receipts no matter whether it minor or major. Saving all the maintenance record in logbook state that your car has been repaired time to time & there is no issue in it.

  6. Drive safely

    Always remember any accidental history of damage leads to an increase in the rate of depreciation. Avoid having any scratches on your car & aggressive braking. Never drive a car in alcohol & smoking than lead to an accident.

  7. Replace Auto parts

    Replacing auto parts & accessories such as- steering wheel, seat cover of the car is not so expensive. It will make your car good & highly worthy.

  8. Replacing of Tires

    Maintaining your car’s tires properly absolutely add much value to your car. Try to rotate tires regularly in order to keep balance in all parts of tires. Replacing tires when they have worn out is not only good through the worth point of the car but also it is best for your safety.

  9. No Smoking In the car

    If you are a smoker then, try to avoid smoking in the car. It leaves the smell that is long-lasting. Otherwise, you can purchase a sachet of fabric softener to mask the smell

  10. Personalize the Car

    Try to maintain your car with the proper car. It doesn’t mean to spend dollars on car care. No!! You can customize your car with proper with custom seats & other car parts.

The Bottom Line-

Lastly, we would like to say exterior & interior both factors are important to increase the value of the used car. Moreover, the physical condition of your vehicle really matter to the buyers. Follow these steps & make your used car worthy!!