Broken Car Removals

Cash for Broken Car Removals

Cash for Broken Car Removals

Why keep a broken vehicle at home when you can get Cash for Broken Car Removals? Dealing with the wrecked vehicle is a time-consuming process. And if the vehicle is damaged or broken then it becomes an uphill task to get rid of it. But with QLD, getting rid of your broken car is easy. So, don’t let your broken car turn into a sour eye, call us now to get cash for cars.

Why are we the best Broken Car Buyer?

There are no shortages of car removal companies in the market. However, which one you choose will make all the difference in terms of service and the cash you will get. QLD is the best in business because

  • We give free no-obligation quotes to our customer
  • We have state of the art car removal equipment
  • Professional, efficient and expert staff
  • We give free car removal services post deal finalisation
  • We complete all the paperwork in the shortest time
  • Part of the metal recycling chain thus, minimising the ill effects on the environment
  • We don’t charge for the paperwork
  • We use an automated system to get an accurate valuation of your vehicle
  • Deal in all types, brand and car in any condition
  • We pay top cash for junk cars
  • We pay agreed amount on the day of car removal
  • No hidden or surprise cost. You get what you agreed for

So, with QLD around, why go anywhere else? Call us now!

How to sell My Broken Car

If you are stuck with a broken car, don’t be overwhelmed. Think QLD when you think I want to ‘sell My Broken Car’. With QLD you will realise how effortless it is to sell cars for cash. Over the years we have developed a full proof time- saving process which not only quickens the entire process but also guarantees the most profitable offer for you. Following are the steps of selling your junk cars for cash.

  1. Speak to us –When you decide to sell old cars for cash, speak to us on the phone. Tell us the make, model and age of your car. Also, tell us about the condition of the car in terms of damaged, non-working, or unregistered and the likes. This will help us give you an accurate offer on your vehicle.
  2. Schedule Car removal – We will also undertake physical inspection of the vehicle before making you a final offer. If you accept the offer, schedule a free car removal with us as per your convenience.
  3. Close the deal – On the scheduled day, our team will tow away your vehicle and pay you the decided amount on the spot.

Thus, with QLD you are assured of fast cash for cars and prompt services.

What cars do we buy?

As mentioned earlier, we deal in all kinds of vehicle. We buy American, European or Japanese manufactured vehicles.

Qld Cash for Car buys any kind of UTEs, trucks, vans, sedan, SUVs, sports car, hatchbacks, passenger cars, 4wds any other type running on the Australian road.

We are not concerned about the condition of the car either. Whether it is damaged, wrecked, spoiled, non-working, not road-worthy, old, unwanted we will buy it from you.

So, you not only get rid of the unwanted car but also get cash for damaged, unwanted, accidental cars.

Environmentally responsible Broken Car Wreckers

Vehicles get damaged in various ways. And the damaged or broken vehicle if left untreated leads to pollution. Not only that, the interiors start getting smelly and your broken car might turn into a house for unwanted bugs and insects. So, the best bet is to sell your car to Broken Car Wreckers who care about the environment and have the mechanism to get rid of your junk car.

At QLD we are very diligent in treating junk or a broken car. A vehicle which is a total loss and has nothing to salvage is pressed together to make a scrap. This scrap, in turn, is given to recycling companies in exchange for money. The recycling companies utilise the metal scrap to manufacture something worthwhile.

Clunker cars or cars that are not in their top form tend to pollute the air when driven. The right choice would be to sell these car to car wreckers. When we buy such cars, we dismantle the vehicle to take out parts saleable as spare parts. We add the rest to the metal scrap for recycling.

In a few cases, when we buy a car which is roadworthy, we prepare it to for second-hand market. Such cars are not hazardous and make for an affordable buying option. Thus, at QLD we ensure there are steps to ensure zero metal waste irrespective of the way we deal with cars we buy.