Unregistered Cars

Cash for Unregistered Cars Brisbane

Cash for Unregistered Cars Brisbane

What is more difficult than selling an old car? Well, selling an unregistered car. However, with QLD, you don’t have to think twice about getting Cash for Unregistered Cars Brisbane. Though dealing in the unregistered car is illegal in some states, we have the necessary licence to deal in the unregistered car. Therefore, when you contact us, you not only get rid of your car but also, of your worry about handling an unregistered car. Our team from wrecking will take care of it and dismantle car for parts.

Unregistered Car Buyer Brisbane

A car when not reregistered with an authorised department or if the registration has expired falls under an unregistered car category. In some states, the law frowns upon an unregistered vehicle on your premises. Why get into trouble with the law when you can make money out of your unregistered car? At QLD, we buy cars for cash, even if it is an unregistered car and therefore are also known as Unregistered Car Buyer Brisbane.

We not only buy the unregistered car but also by car of any make and model. We are also not particular about its condition. So whether you have a damaged car, wrecked vehicle, the car in deplorable condition call us and get top cash for junk cars.

You can sell your SUVs, UTEs, Vans, Trucks, commercial, non-commercial, petrol run, diesel run, registered, and unregistered car to us. We pay cash for damaged cars, cash for unwanted cars, and cash for accidental cars besides buying junk and scrap vehicles.

How to Sell My Unregistered Car Brisbane

If you own an unregistered car, you have two options. One is to register it at the earliest or sell it under cash for car services. If you opt for the second option are ready to ‘Sell My Unregistered Car Brisbane’: all you have to do is follow the below process.

  • Call Us – Firstly give us a call and provide your vehicle details. Please mention unregistered along with essential details such as the make of the car, brand of the car, age of the car and the readings of the odometer. This helps us in a realistic assessment of your car.
  • Visit from us – As per your convenience, our team will visit the car for carrying out physical review. Post physical examination, we will give our offer based on the market trend.
  • Accept the offer – If you accept our offer, you can give us a date and time to pick up your unregistered car. On the said date we will come along with completed paperwork to tow your car and pay you the decided amount on the spot.

Also, note that we offer free towing services to all our clients. We also undertake the load of paperwork at zero charges to our customers. Thus, you get rid of an unregistered car as well as earn fast cash for cars with QLD cash for car services.

Additionally, all our car quotes are obligation free. You can decide not to accept our offer and retain the quote with you. We also do not charge for car assessments.

How do we deal with the unregistered car after buying it from you

It is not always easy to get rid of an unregistered car since it involves complicated paperwork. However, we at QLD are qualified to handle such cars and have the necessary licence to ensure that such vehicles do not turn up on the road unregistered.

When we buy an unregistered vehicle we first check for its roadworthiness. If we feel that the car is in usable condition, we register the car, and only then we put up for selling it as a pre-owned car.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason registration cannot happen, we dismantle the car and take out the working parts from the vehicle. These parts are prepared and they are put on the market for selling them as spare parts for the relevant vehicles.

Or, if the vehicle is neither suitable for a pre-owned category or for spare parts, it is pressed as scrap. We then sell this scrap to metal companies specialising in recycling. The companies use the recycled metal for manufacturing other products.

Thus, we take of the unregistered car in the most legit manner.

Where to contact Unregistered Car Wreckers Brisbane

It is very easy to contact the licensed Unregistered Car Wreckers Brisbane